Beauty with fermented cosmetics

Besides fermented foods, fermented cosmetics is a new concept introduced by scientists. Although still relatively new, but fermented cosmetics have proven to be super effective in beauty.

From the benefits of fermented foods, the idea of using fermented ingredients in cosmetics was born. Many studies show that cosmetics containing fermented ingredients are very good for beauty. So many famous Korean cosmetics introduced a lot of new products with  fermented ingredients from toner, essence, serum to the cream.


Fermented cosmetics have to be through a long time, maybe a few weeks to process the components and active substances in the environment without oxygen. This conversion process give these cosmetic many effects:

– High efficiency thanks to more good essence content for skin: fermentation helps break down the molecular structure of the components in raw materials, increasing concentrations, levels of substances good for skin such as peptides, protein, anti-oxidation and amino acids.

Easy skin absorption: fermentation split beneficial components. The smaller these components are, the more easily skin absorption.

Less preservatives: natural fermentation process also destroys the natural toxins and harmful microorganisms so there are less preservatives, safe for the skin.

fermented cosmetics

Here are the most common ingredients that can be fermented, becoming good cosmetics for skin care. You can easily buy these materials at markets and supermarkets.

– Chrysanthemum: helps skin smooth, anti-aging.

– Aloe vera: moisturizing, anti-aging, skin soothing sunburn, acne treating and stimulating new skin cell growth.

– Honey: helps increase natural levels of gluconic acid, which acts to loosen the links between the dead skin cells, gently cleansing without irritation, helping skin brighter.


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