How to transform from a clown to a model clown contouring

At first, you will think this is just a perfectly normal kind of disguise. But then this creative girl will amaze you all.

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YouTube vlogger, BellaDeLune, in her latest post, has shown the world what clown contouring can bring to us by drawing weird shapes on her face before blending them, and here is the surprise!

clown contouring
clown contouring

How to make up perfectly with clown contouring

BellaDeLune, real name Esther Isabel Amado Romo, is a well-known vlogger with more than 11,000 subscribers. Recently the pretty girl has uploaded a short video on Instagram. It is considered as a part of the collaboration with fellow beauty vlogger Makeup Alo.

The video has more than 50,000 views on YouTube right now, and it just keeps going on and going on. There is also a flood of requests from those who want her to upload the full tutorial, and even Esther herself has to admit she had no idea this would receive such huge response.

clown contouring
clown contouring

“When I created this video I didn’t do so with the purpose of it being a tutorial that’s why I am only showing you guys the extended version because so many of you guys asked me to do so,” she said. “Seriously never in a million years did I think this video would blow up like it did.”

Esther also confessed that the video was a response to those who had previously teased her for the way she looked.

clown contouring

“We did this extreme colour correct highlighting contour collab to basically send a message even though you don’t need this amount of makeup or any makeup at all to feel or look beautiful. Let’s face it makeup is fun and it’s a way of expressing yourself. Personally I can’t tell you how many times I have been called a clown and been called many other names and be hated on because of the way I use this art form,” said Esther.

clown contouring
clown contouring

And the funny part, you could see, is the little poop emoji on her face. “Did you see how easy I was able to draw this little poopy emoji? It’s just kind of to say that do you know what negativity could be around us all the time but guess what just literally blend it away or brush it away whatever you want to call it,” she added.

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clown contouring

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