Should we use wet towels to remove make use wet towels to remove make-up

If you are used to using wet towels to remove make-up, you should better get rid of that habit right now.

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Removing make-up with wet towels seem to help you save time and this is a common way many women apply. However, you should abandon this habit today because this not only is harmful to your skin but also makes skin aging, damaged and very difficult to overcome if bad skin condition's prolonged.

Let's the reasons that make wet towels enemies if you use them to remove make-up.

1. Causes dermatitis

Removing make-up with wet towels not only doesn't help clean the skin but also cause irritation to the skin because while massaging you rub a wet towel on the skin, hard. Moreover, if you look carefully, wet towels does not help you remove all the layer of your make-up and dead cells, dirt. Wet towel will just push them down into the pores, which clogs pores and prones acne.

Especially, when you remove make-up with a wet towel, the dirt will stick better into the pores and cause skin inflammation, in the long run will make make your skin rough, damaged and aging.

use wet towels to remove make-up

2. Make your skin dry and flaky

Composition of wet towel containing a certain amount of alcohol and many different chemicals such as perfumes, preservatives… They will make your skin dry. If you use wet towels too much in removing make-up your skin will be flaky and less humidity. This will easily lead to skin aging, wrinkled and sagging.

If you unfortunately have oily skin, absolutely should not use wet towel as a make-up remover because the chemicals in wet towels will interrupt the natural sebum production, causing imbalance in the amount of skin oils and makes the skin more dry, easily suntan in summer days.

use wet towels to remove make-up

3. Damage skin leading to aging

These preservatives in wet towels can cause allergies, rashes and skin damage. Our skin is very sensitive and when facing the negative impacts will easily become unbalanced and easily penetrate bacteria. In particular, skin will be aging and you will get old if regularly using a wet towel to remove make-up. Because of this, wet towels are also not suitable for removing eye make-up.

To avoid the bad effects when using wet towels to remove make-up, beauty experts recommend that you use warm water, or remove make-up liquid to wash your face, then clean your face with a soft towel. And if that does not totally useful, use essential oils to have healthy skin without the fear of negative impact damage the skin.

use wet towels to remove make-up

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use wet towels to remove make-up

make-up remover

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use wet towels to remove make-up

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