[Friday the 13th] Why Superstitious beliefs people fear this combination

It is the 13th day of April and a Friday! And if you are wondering why it is significant, here’s the answer – Friday, the 13th is often considered unlucky by superstitious people.

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[Friday the 13th] Why Superstitious beliefs people fear this combination

Some people are extremely superstitious about certain things. These superstitious beliefs could either trigger positive reactions or cultivate completely awful thoughts and fears.

Among the most famous universal superstitious beliefs – Friday the 13th finds a special mention. And this is not the only Friday, the 13th this year. The 13th day of July too falls on a Friday!

But why do people feel this day is unlucky?

According to a report in TIME, it is very difficult to identify the exact cause that inculcated this belief. However, according to a school of thought, the Last Supper and the 13 guests who sat on the table on the day before the Friday on which Jesus was crucified could be associated with it.

[Friday the 13th] Why Superstitious beliefs people fear this combination

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“When those two events come together, you are reenacting at least a portion of that terrible event,” TIME quoted Dr Phil Stevens, an associate professor of anthropology at the University at Buffalo as saying.

On a related note, a post on ajc.com suggests that Judas Iscariot -the disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ was the 13th man to take his place at the table.

This day is also not chosen by people for booking or occupying apartment or hotel rooms on this day. Many people even avoid lodging in room numbered 13th.

Marriages usually do not take place on this day as people avoid it out of fear.

A number of high-rise buildings do not have a floor numbered 13th or the entire floor is kept vacant.

On Friday the 13th, a number of other untoward and unpleasant events have occurred. And hence the apprehension.

However, interestingly, this very day is considered to be extremely lucky and auspicious.


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