From jocks to Obama: How Martin Schoeller takes a “honest” photo

Martin Schoeller is one of the world’s most commended representation picture takers. He’s taken pictures of everybody from President Obama and Lady Gaga, to female weight lifters and the destitute of Los Angeles.

Yet, what really recognizes the German-conceived New Yorker’s practice is his predictable style.

“It’s been 20 years that I’ve been taking these nearby up pictures and everyone (has) a similar lighting, a similar setting, a similar point, a similar camera. No one is modified – what you see is the thing that you get,” Schoeller disclosed to CNN Style demonstrate moderator Derek Blasberg.

Watch the video:

The cat king of selfies

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Barack Obama

Photos: Martin Schoeller’s celebrity portraits


George Clooney

Photos: Martin Schoeller’s celebrity portraits


Donald Trump

Photos: Martin Schoeller’s celebrity portraits

By treating every picture similarly, paying little respect to the subject, Schoeller endeavors to discover some truth in what he feels can be an extremely exploitative medium.

“I do think all photos lie. I don’t think there is one picture that is truly legit. You can’t portray a man in a brief instant, yet perhaps in the amazing plan of photography, I think there are a few pictures that are more genuine than others, you know? So I’m attempting to guide to the tad bit more legit side of the range,” he said.

Out of the a huge number of individuals he has shot, who does Schoeller locate the most difficult to photo?

“On-screen characters by and large are hard to shoot since they are continually acting. You feel like ‘Gracious, this was a legit, awesome representation’ while you’re shooting them… and after that (I’m) taking a gander at the contact sheets and I feel like, ‘Goodness my god, they were playing the entire time and I didn’t see it.'”

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