Opinion of beautiful eyebrows changing through the ages


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Clara Bow is a symbol of beauty that period. She had super thin and long eyebrows.

Many beauty experts believe that this type of eyebrow is hard to go back because it was too slender, downward making its owner look sad and not dynamic.


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The outstanding beauty of Joan Crawford attracts people much more thank to her eyebrows. These eyebrows are dark at the head and fade toward the tail creating a strong impression with the person opposite.

Many people believe that this type of eyebrows can still apply at present. It is suitable for women with round and big eyes, but not suitable for people with single eyelids.


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Veronica Lake was known for her blond curly hair and arching eyebrows. This type of eyebrow was exalted perfect lines on her face.

This type of eyebrow is still popular today, however many people prefer thicker and darker eyebrows than Veronica Lake.


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Eyebrows of Audrey Hepburn are one of the best features on her face, but many people were astute to realize that her eyebrows were completely processed by hand and makeup skillfully.

This is a strong and powerful eyebrow style. This style will make the girls somewhat less feminine without suitable face, so it is unlikely to be loved back.


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Twiggy often had very picky eye and eyebrows makeup, so she always looked really attractive.

Surely this kind of eyebrow can be back because of its stand out look, but you need to have a high forehead to test this type of makeup.


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The 70s witnessed the success of models like Lauren Hutton. Natural eyebrow shape was popular during a long time.

Most women feel comfortable with natural eyebrow shape so styles like Lauren Hutton eyebrows are still very appropriate at all times.


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This is the most symbolic eyebrow of all generation, bushy and straight eyebrows like Brooke Sheilds were typical of the 80s.

Horizontal eyebrows so far have received much praise for the natural and powerful look.


beautiful brows 8

Lucy Liu is the representative of the time trend. Her typical slanted eyes is even more attractive with light brown eyebrows.

But eyebrows shaved carefully style suits only long, edgy faces and not be appreciated with the modern standards.


beautiful brows 9

Julia Roberts is the idol of Americans for years. Her eyebrows are natural and lively.

This type of eyebrow is quite fussy and will reveal many weaknesses if ratios on face are disproportionately.


New York premiere of 'Paper Towns' held at AMC Loews Lincoln Square - Arrivals Featuring: Cara Delevingne Where: New York, New York, United States When: 21 Jul 2015 Credit: WENN.com

When Cara Delevingne appeared on the catwalk in 2011, the fashionistas were impressive with her dark, charming eyebrows. Thanks to Cara and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, women can trim, wax or even create  eyebrows to ensure that they are always perfect and match their faces.





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