Ripen fruits quickly without chemicals

Most of the fruits after being shipped to markets or supermarkets are still unripe. Therefore, after purchasing, we will have to be patient and wait for a while until we can enjoy them.

However, if you know how, you can accelerate this process safely without losing the natural flavor of these fruits. Here are 4 simple ways you can try at home:

Paper bag

ripen fruits 1

Do you know all the ripe fruits are emitted a substance called ethylene? To ripen fruits fast, you just need to grab a paper bag, put these fruits inside fold the edge. Therefore, ethylene gas can not escape and the fruits will be ripe faster.


ripen fruits 2

A rice bucket can keep ethylene very perfectly. Fruits will be ripe more quickly when they are placed in rice buckets, compared to nylon bags. If you want to accelerate the ripening of fruits, you may burying these fruits deeper down the rice bucket.

However, you should note that this method can only be applied with unripe fruits or fruits to eat right away in this day.

Cotton towel

ripen fruits 3

For these fruits with thin peel like tomato, sugar-apple, peach… you could use a clean cotton towel to cover the entire fruits. This method can help your fruits soft, ripe but still tasty.


ripen fruits 4

Banana is the fruit spreading out a lot of ethylene gas when it’s ripe, so if you want to ripen fruits quickly you can put a few bananas beside them. They will accelerate the ripening process of fruit even faster than a paper bag or a bucket of rice.



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