7 side effects of coffee to men

According Medicmagic, coffee contains caffeine increasing the adrenaline in your body to help you concentrate more. However, drinking too much coffee can also give negative side effects to health, especially for men.

1. Acid reflux

Drinking coffee in the morning with an empty stomach is not good for your health. It’s because coffee can increase the production of hydrochloric acid or stomach acid making you feel ravenous and nausea.

2. Stress

The compounds in coffee will increase production of cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine and hormones. These hormones will make you stay awake.

coffee 1

Therefore, consuming too much coffee will give you no time for resting, making your body stress.

3. Stomach stimulating

The compounds like caffeine and acid content in coffee can irritate the stomach and intestine lining. In addition, there are also side effects of coffee on stomach such as constipation, diarrhea.

4. Absorption of food obstruction

Drinking too much coffee may obstruct the absorption of food, because drinking coffee can stimulate peristalsis making foods get into the intestine quickly so they are not get absorbed well.

coffee 2

5. Mineral deficiency

This happens because coffee affects the kidney’s ability to produce calcium, zinc and magnesium.

6. Bone density reducing

Coffee can make your body lack minerals, it would be harmful to bone health. Mineral density in the spine will fall and make bones brittle.

7. Heatiness

Heatiness happens because coffee disrupts the esophagus. Then hydrochloric acid appears, it is likely to make you suffer heatiness.


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