Foods to warm your body in the morning

Pumpkin, squash

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According to a research by the magazine American College of Cardiology, the vitamins and minerals found in pumpkin, squash help repel hunger, limit excessive activities of the cardiovascular system and help your body retain heat better.

Also, in pumpkin and squash contain extremely high content of vitamin A, C and minerals such as potassium, omega-3 helping provide nutrients and warm the body better than other foods.

Sticky rice

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Compared to other foods from rice or other grains, the nutrient and calories content from sticky rice are much higher. Therefore, eating food made from sticky rice in the morning will help you be full longer and help keep heat, warming the body better.

Sweet potato

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In addition to healthy effects such as anti-aging, weight loss, constipation… sweet potato also works to keep extreme heat and fight the cold really well.

Sweet potato contains high levels of beta-carotene and antioxidants so it have a discouraging effect on the aging process of cells, preventing colds and heat loss of body very effectively.


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Grains contain large amounts of complex carbohydrates, this substance is difficult to break down and it takes a really long time for body to digest and absorb the nutrients contained in these grains. Meanwhile, the chemical reactions occur to digest carbohydrates and they produce heat to warm the body in the long run.

You should use grains such as oats, barley, brown rice, brown rice…

Ginger tea

cup of ginger tea

Drinking 1 cup of ginger tea in the morning will help keep body heat extremely well. Moreover, ginger tea also helps strengthen the immune system and improves digestion better.


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According to a study of the science journal Immunology Research, chocolate can help keep the body warm in cold weather, making blood cells less susceptible to free radicals and temperature of the outside environment. This makes the body less affected by temperature factors outside and limit your exposure to the cold.


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