Fruits for diabetics


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According to analysis by the dietitians, a slice of watermelon weighing 220g contains only 15g carbs, so they will not harm the health of diabetics.

However, diabetics should be careful when drinking watermelon juice, because it contains sizable starch content. When drinking watermelon juice, you should drink in moderation.


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Pomegranate is very popular and also contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C. When you eat pomegranate, you should choose fresh fruits in order to stabilize the concentration of insulin as much as possible.


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Strawberries are very attractive berries by aroma and sweetness. A cup of strawberries contains only 15g carbs, so if you are a patient with diabetes, you can choose strawberries as your daily fruits.

Besides, you can also use strawberries to make ice cream or mix with low-fat yogurt.


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Instead of using a lot of oil, margarine or cottage cheese for processing your foods, you absolutely can use avocado instead, which is even effective even beyond your expectations. Avocados contain good fats for health, do not contain sugar, and its starch content is low.


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A medium peach weighing 170g contains 1g starch and therefore it is perfectly suitable for people with high blood sugar levels.


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Pomelo is very beneficial for health in general and for patients with diabetes in particular. This is also the fruit that doctors advised patients with diabetes using the most. Every day you should keep eating about half a pomelo regularly to stabilize blood sugar levels.


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Orange or citrus in general are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and contain no carbohydrates. Therefore patients with diabetes can supplement orange to their food menu.


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2 pieces of papaya contains only 1 unit of starch, which means that patients with diabetes can fully enjoy this fruits. With papaya you could eat directly or use it to make juice, but remember not to add sugar into the juice.


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