Stay away from these drinks when you are hungry


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When you are hungry, drinking coffee will cause hormonal imbalance and stress. In some cases, strong response will be rapid heartbeat, increasing blood pressure, hangover and maybe limb tremors.

For people with high blood pressure or coronary artery disease, coffee can lead to heart angina. So stay away from this drink when your stomach is empty.

Sugarcane  juice

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Sugar content in sugarcane juice is very high. If you drink sugarcane juice when you are hungry, it will make blood sugar level rise suddenly, causing danger to health. Therefore, pay attention when using sugarcane juice with empty stomach.

Soft drinks

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Drinking soft drinks when hungry will increase the acidity of stomach. This can cause nausea or irritate your gut.

Also, soft drinks are high in sugar, the body produces insufficient insulin in a short time to maintain normal blood sugar level leading to sudden increasing blood sugar level and causing eye problems.


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When hungry, drinking alcohol is a big mistake. It’s easiest cause leading to stomach pain. And if you often drink alcohol when you are hungry they will also lead to other diseases.

In addition, when hungry drinking alcohol will lead to low blood sugar. At that time, there are many phenomenons can occur such as dizziness, sweating, cold and craving.


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Milk contains large amounts of protein. Drinking milk drink when your stomach is empty, the protein will be forced to participate in the thermal energy consumption. Therefore milk will not work to nutritional supplement anymore.

Tomato juice

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Tomato juice has acid content, so do not drink it when you are hungry if you don’t want problems for the stomach like: heartburn, GERD…


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